david photo      At sixteen David began playing guitar and writing music; then picked up piano somewhere thereafter. He is completely self-taught, but never underestimates the impact that growing up in a musical family has had on him.
     Since high school he has played guitar in several Houston-based bands and collaborated with many more on production and songwriting. Also an experiences recording engineer, he has been involved in projects with Tab Benoit, 30 Foot Fall, Orchestra X, Eric Avinger, and countless others.
began working with Wayside Drive as a session guitarist and was invited to be a member soon after. His guitar work ranges from the hard-rock influences of Alice in Chains (Milk & Honey) to the ambient and experimental guitar inspired by Radiohead (Useless Thing/Broken Crow).
     David fronts and plays guitar in the Houston-based rock trio Ice9. An incredible three piece outfit in the tradition of greats like Kings X and Nirvana, It is comprised of members: David Elbert, Josh Ervin, and Erik Robinson.
     David now works exclusively with his band Ice9 and was a very important part of the band and will continue to be a source of creative input.