The state of the union

Why have my own blog? Basically I wanted to have my own personal blog to expand on things beyond basic “band news” on the Wayside Drive blog. I wanted a space to rant/rave or whatever else I felt like doing.

coloring The first post is always tough so I’ll just give an update of where I’m at with things. I have not had time to do any visual art in a loooong time. Too long. But music has been the priority so music has been the focus. I’ve been doing some design work but I try and keep a delicate balance of having enough work to bring in some supplemental income but just enough to not drive me insane.

The music stuff has been good though. I am incredibly behind on a commitment to product my friend Tomas Glass’s EP. I feel guilty about it. I’ve been forcing some time to get some work done on it. On the Wayside Drive front we’re busier than ever. We just took some band photos last Sunday with the very talented TracyLynn Tesmer. It was a lot of fun but incredibly exhausting. I’ve been in deep thought lately trying to come up with a more interesting way to convey the new material live. After a few revisions I came up with a plan but it lacks that spark. I’ve been digging deep to find a more innovative way of going about it. Will probably update that on the Wayside blog.

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