Jan 23 2009

Overwhelmed… in a good way


Yesterday was quite a day! After hearing for years that social networking is key, and not believing it, I’ve given it a go and proud to say that it is true. Over just the past few months I’ve gotten on Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the Myspace page we already have, and built up an internet fanbase vastly larger than anything we’ve seen before.

I wanted to apologize for anyone that had problems with the site yesterday. A few people said it kept bouncing to Yahoo. Well yesterday we had a record high of 590 hits! In one day! Maybe it’s not the New York Times but those numbers sure make me happy. So I’m guessing that the problem was stemming from overcapacity. A problem of which I have not experienced before!

I must give a HUGE and heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped (and continue to) push the message even further with their social networking abilities. We are grateful and humbled.

What a day! I am in awe. I’m glad that everyone seems to be liking the new songs. Thank you!


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