Nov 25 2007

Introductions all around


Hello and greetings! This would be our first attempt to blog as a band. And for the most part our first attempt to blog individually. Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Jeremy Osborn and I am the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Wayside Drive. In this blog we shall attempt to relay what it is like being in a band in this here Houston, TX. We hope to make you laugh, cry, and most importantly come see us play! Oh yes, fun will be had by all. I must say that being in a band is one of the best and most frustrating things one can attempt. For us though it is not an option. Music for me is my oxygen. It’s a requirement for survival, not a luxury. I CANNOT CONCEIVE of life without music.

I was just commenting to my friend Ant Boogie (from the band Collective Hallucination) the other day that I often think about people who go home from their day jobs, watch a few shows on TV, and go to bed night after night. That lifestyle both appeals to me in its utter simplicity and scares the hell out of me. All of us in the band work day jobs. None of our jobs relate in any capacity to something that can be described as “creative”. We are your band that punches the clock and practices in the evenings and then plays and plays as much as time will allow. Yes music is the “dream”‘ day jobs are the reality.

Being in a band is hard. It’s hard work. Not very many of us have the luxury of the typecast unemployed musician crashing on his girlfriends couch. We work our tails off at work, work our tails off in the band, and somehow try and find time to actually get stuff done around the house. And just when you think you’ve done everything you can to promote your band, there’s still 40 other things you can do. We don’t have a manager (anyone interested?), we don’t have a record label, we don’t have unlimited cash flow. However some of those limitations can make for interesting creative spurts. Not being able to afford a studio or to make t-shirts one is forced to improvise. I think that can make things more personal. It gets your own personal blood, sweat, and tears into it (hey, that would be a great name for a band).

So there it is, the glory and the shame. I hope that you’ll find our impending ramblings interesting and we look forward to your comments. I’m quite looking forward to the exercise. I think it will be interesting to see what comes out. I would like to end with a quote that is very dear to my heart and one that I think describes our situation perfectly.

“Rock music is mostly about moving big, black boxes from one side of town to the other in the back of your car.”
-Pere Ubu

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