Nov 16 2009

Feat. In Houston Poster Art Show


There is an art show at Houston’s Caroline Collective which includes myself  (Jeremy Osborn) as an artist who designed one of our Wayside Drive show posters.  You can see our poster in the photo below on the very top right. If you live in the area I hope you can make it out!

From the Caroline Collective site:

Houston Poster Art: 2000-2009 Opening
“Over the past ten years, rock poster art has come out of the underground and into the forefront of people’s art collecting habits, perfectly complementing memorable shows. Over the next two months, Caroline Collective will showcase Houston’s contribution to the world of poster art with a retrospective of some of Houston’s great rock posters artists. Join us for the opening this Friday, November 20th from 7-9pm with music provided by D.L. of KTRU’s Vinyl Frontier. Check the press release below for full information.

WHAT: Houston Poster Art: 2000-2009 Opening

WHEN: November 20, 7-9pm

WHERE: Caroline Collective (4820 Caroline Street)

Exhibition Dates:  November 20 – January 1

Houston Poster Artists included: Dann Miller, Rene Cruz, Tom So, Steve Sims, Shelby Hohl, Jeremy Osborn, Wesley Mitchell, Jason McElweenie, David Wang, Dan Castillo, Ben Godfrey, Lance Scott Walker, Flynn Prejan, Jacob Calle, Noel Martinez, Michael Rodriguez.”

More details HERE

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Jan 22 2009


Hello everyone!
Jeremy here from your favorite band Wayside Drive. A new day is upon us! We have thrown out convention! We have taken the plunge! For the past several months we have been working hard and developing new songs, a new sound, a new website, a new way of looking at things. First off let me tell you that the songs are free. Yes! FREE! We are releasing the songs via Creative Commons License meaning you can download them, copy them, send them out to whoever you like, use it in your YouTube videos, etc. As long as it’s not for commercial use and you give us attribution then the sky’s the limit! Also, we will be releasing the individual stems for all the new songs. That means each part of the song is broken down by the individual tracks so you can remix it! We will be doing that through a wonderful site called ccMixter. We only have 1 song available to remix right now. The other 2 will be up there in the next few days.
We have a blog, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, Last FM, Twitter, and YouTube account. All the links for them are on our new website at You can also download the new songs from there. Just click on the tab for each of the new songs and right-click the download link and “save as” (Windows) or “save link” (Mac). If you are on any of those sites listed then become our friends! Follow our Tweets! Subscribe to our blog!
Now here’s what we need from you. The songs are free. We want you to help us! All we ask is that you send the songs to at least 3 friends. Just 3! Not too hard! If you feel compelled to send them to more then even better! But they’re free because we want them out there. We want them out in the furthest reaches possible. We want our music in the hearts, minds, and ears of everyone we can. And you can’t get better than free! So please take a few minutes and give us a hand. We would be very grateful!
Also we are on the play-list for Houston College Radio KTRU 91.7. The # of plays we get is sent to the CMJ (College Music Journal) charts. It’s basically the Indie Billboards. The more we get played the better we chart. You can listen to the station at and if you want to call and request us then even better! Their # is 713-348-5878.
If you have any sort of multitrack software (like Garageband) I highly encourage you to download the song stems and give remixing a go. It’s fun! I have done my best to make it easy for beginners. Each track starts from the beginning of the song so you don’t even have to place the parts. When you assemble them in your program you’re ready to go! If you have any questions give me a shout.
Well I guess that’s it! Sign the guestbook! Let me know what you think!
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