Jan 6 2009

Blown fuse blues


So we’re getting close. Sooooo close. Sometimes it feels like we’re working on Chinese Democracy. Except Chinese Democracy has already been released! We have 4 new songs and here’s the plan… we’re going to release all 4 at the same time but they will be 4 individual singles. Then after that we will start to release a single single at a time. Or a single jingle. Anyway so we’ll try and have a new song out about once month after that. We’re also releasing all of the stems for each song so hopefully there will be some cool remixes coming out sporadically.

Now we’re also trying to reinvent our stage show which has been both exhilarating and incredibly frustrating. Quite a few months ago we were playing a show and the fuse in Natalie’s amp blew. Still haven’t replaced it, of course. Then about a month ago we were playing another show and our PA blew a fuse. Still haven’t replaced it and, of course, I lost the harness that holds the fuse. Then a few weeks ago we were recording drums and guess what??? I’ll give you 2 guesses! We blew a fuse in the mixer. 3 fuses down. Haven’t replaced a single one of them. And of course Radioshack doesn’t stock them. That would be way too easy!!! I’d order them online but I don’t now squat about fuses and there are all sorts of crazy options when I search for them and my head starts to spin and I get queasy.

I’m trying not to take it personally. I think that I must have lost favor with the gods of electricity and they are systematically reducing my electronic options to nothingness. I shouldn’t say that. There are a lot more things that could go wrong! Knocking on particle board.

On a good note though, for live performances I want to have samples that are triggered from my MIDI controller. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t work out quite like I was expecting but it worked! I am incredibly pleased. I couldn’t be happier about it. So… as soon as we get the amp and mixer back up and running then perhaps other people can hear it!

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