Feb 24 2010

New album mastered, done, finished.


It was a long, long day of mastering yesterday but well worth it. The new album is done, finished, wrapped, in the can. The new album is called “The Other Side“. It is a 12 song LP, our second full-length album. A handful of the songs have already been released as singles but those songs have been freshly mixed and newly mastered and in the case of “Just 5 Minutes More” completely redone. Practically a different song now.


Allen Corneau of ES Mastering inside SugarHill Studios. This was my view for 9 hours.


Natalie and I enjoying the masterful mastering

We are very proud of the album and are very excited to debut it soon. We have a lot of big decisions to make regarding how we want to put this out there, but there will definitely be stems for the songs for those remixers out there to do your thing with.

Here is the track listing of “The Other Side”:

1. Last Dream I Remember
2. The Other Side
3. I Will Rise Above The World
4. Forgetting
5. I Don’t Belong Here
6. Revolver 9
7. Static Attraction
8. The Great Divide
9. Listen To What’s Missing
10. Just 5 Mins More
11. The Best Part of Me
12. The Final Exit

The album should be out soon!


Live From SugarHill Studios performance by Grooveline Horns

After we finished mastering it just happened to be time for the latest episode of “Live From SugarHill” so we had the honor of attending. The show started with the awe-inspiring funk of Grooveline Horns. They had so many members in the band they completely enveloped the recording room of Studio A. Absolutely incredible band. Following that was the singer/songwriter goodness of Zach Balch. This guys voice was golden and his song writing was superb. Definitely check out both acts.

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Feb 2 2010

New album wrapping up… the world waits with bated breath


IMG 0130 225x300 New album wrapping up... the world waits with bated breathGreetings everyone! Ciao! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that we are still alive. We have been working diligently to wrap up our 2nd full-length album. To say that we are excited is an understatement. We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into it. Well not many tears. Except once the mic hit me square on the mouth but I didn’t really cry. It hurt though. You don’t really care do you?

We will be using a few of the singles already released (that are available now for free download) but it will have brand new mixes of “Last Dream I Remember” and “Static Attraction“. There will be surprise guest appearances, multiple languages, Palinphony*,  and Vermicious Knids. I will also be introducing some instruments that I tinkle around with a bit like my sitar. The hammered dulcimer might also make an appearance if it behaves itself.

We will be releasing a few singles preceding the album and then will have a massive amount of doodads to give you afterwards as well. The cells in your body may very well hum in unison from overwhelming enjoyment. At least that’s what the people in development keep telling me.

First single set to drop in March or so. Thank you all for your support with all that we do. We think you’re going to love this new album. Oh yes. We do.


*all will be revealed soon… soon my dear… soon…

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Aug 30 2009

New Wayside Drive iPhone App! For free!!! Yes indeed.


What? What’s that you say? A Wayside Drive iPhone/iPod Touch app today?

Yes, ’tis true. I’m very pleased to announce that we have a brand new iPhone app available FOR FREE right here at the Apple iTunes Store. Or just search in the store for Wayside Drive. The app features our music, videos, photos, blog posts, Twitter, concerts, and even games!

We’ve set this to be a free download. We would love for those of you with iPhones/iPod Touch to not only download it, but please rate it (5 stars of course!) and write a review, and when you have the app downloaded please write a little somethin’ on the Fan Wall that you can access through the app itself. We would appreciate it very much!

Here are some screen shots from the app:

Wayside Drive app screenshot, iconWayside Drive app screenshot, homeWayside Drive app screenshot, GamesWayside Drive app screenshot, BlogWayside Drive app screenshot, MusicWayside Drive app screenshot, Videos

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