May 15 2009

Fun stuff with Ableton Live and vote for Wayside Drive


Just wanted everyone to know that I posted 3 lessons on my personal blog detailing my Ableton Live set up and MIDI controllers. They are:

- My Ableton Live template setup
- Using a Behringer FCB1010 and M-Audio Axiom with Ableton Live
- How to program a Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 for Ableton Live 

And if you haven’t voted for us yet at the Houston Press Music Awards IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Cut off is Monday 5/18 9AM! Please vote for:

Wayside Drive – Best Rock, Best Indie-Rock
Snake Charmers – Best Blues
Lee Alexander & Co. – Best Folk
Kenneth Scott – Best Songwriter
Jeremy Osborn – Best Man (oh wait, that’s not a catagory…)

Here is the link. Thanks in advance! I love you!

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