May 15 2009

Fun stuff with Ableton Live and vote for Wayside Drive


Just wanted everyone to know that I posted 3 lessons on my personal blog detailing my Ableton Live set up and MIDI controllers. They are:

- My Ableton Live template setup
- Using a Behringer FCB1010 and M-Audio Axiom with Ableton Live
- How to program a Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 for Ableton Live 

And if you haven’t voted for us yet at the Houston Press Music Awards IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Cut off is Monday 5/18 9AM! Please vote for:

Wayside Drive - Best Rock, Best Indie-Rock
Snake Charmers - Best Blues
Lee Alexander & Co. - Best Folk
Kenneth Scott - Best Songwriter
Jeremy Osborn - Best Man (oh wait, that’s not a catagory…)

Here is the link. Thanks in advance! I love you!


Feb 11 2009

Learning it live


It has been quite an adventure figuring out how to translate these new songs from the recording to live performance. I made samples from the parts of the song that we won’t be actually performing live. I assembled everything together in Ableton Live and added a click. The original plan was to do away with stage monitors and run everything through an on-stage mixer and then the entire band would use headphones. Part of my reasoning was due to past experiences. We have played many shows that had shoddy sound systems. You are usually stuck singing your guts out and screwing up your voice because you just can’t hear yourself. So the thought was having everyone with headphones (since we can’t afford in-ear monitors) so that we would all hear everything.

Well I set it up like that and it just wasn’t working. Everything sounded too muddy. It wound up being worse. Mind you the headphones weren’t the nicest in the world, but they weren’t the worst either. Unfortunately we had blown out or mixer/PA so we didn’t really have another choice. And then I had a unique idea. Natalie has this little bass combo amp. A guitar amp couldn’t handle the lower-end frequencies but a bass amp sure can. In fact keyboard players can easily use a bass amp to plug into. So I set it up and viola! It worked great! In fact I think it sounded a little better than our old PA! One problem solved.

So I have Ableton Live running out into my little MBox audio interface. I have the click panned hard left and the samples panned hard right. Then I ran a set of headphones straight off the MBox for Kevin our drummer. So he gets both sides and we just send the right output to the board. Works like a charm! Learning to play to a click however, is a different story. I must say that I couldn’t be prouder of Kevin. He has exceeded expectations. Having no experience playing to a click, other than it studio recording, he picked it right up. Most drummers, and musicians in general (yes I just lumped drummers and musicians together) don’t like to play to a click, but he has sucked it up and done really well.