Welcome to The Other Side


The new album is called “The Other Side”. As with the previous singles, we have decided to give the entire album away for free. They say nothing in life is free. Well this is free. As free as the wind blows. As free as the grass grows. Our gift to you for being so wonderful.

Starting tomorrow we are going to make one song available for free download every Tuesday until all 12 songs are released. This will include the songs already released as singles (like tomorrow will be “Last Dream I Remember”) but they have been newly mixed and remastered. Remastered like the Beatles Box Set. Except instead of the Beatles it’s us. But ours is free. That’s what makes us better than the Beatles. We give our music away for free. You hear that? BETTER THAN THE BEATLES*. Take that Liam Gallagher.

With each single’s release there will be individual artwork, the stems for remixing, and a band trivia poll. All this for free my friends. FREE.

And the album cover is…

The Other Side final cover square SMALL Welcome to The Other Side

1. Last Dream I Remember
2. The Other Side
3. I Will Rise Above The World
4. Forgetting
5. I Don’t Belong Here
6. Revolver 9
7. Static Attraction
8. The Great Divide
9. Listen To What’s Missing
10. Just 5 Mins More
11. The Best Part of Me
12. The Final Exit


*This opinion does not reflect Wayside Drive as a collective whole, nor even the opinion of Jeremy Osborn who is the author of this post. Wayside Drive, nor Jeremy Osborn would ever claim to be worthy of the slightest glimpse of the talent of the Beatles. The bold statement was merely a publicity “stunt” of sorts. Like a shock statement. If John Lennon was still alive I’m sure he’d laugh about it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m going to stop typing now.

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