Last Dream I Remember

Creative Commons License
Last Dream I Remember by Wayside Drive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

(c) 2009 Jeremy and Natalie Osborn
Produced by Jeremy Osborn
Mastered by Allen Corneau at ES Mastering

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Jeremy Osborn: Vox, Synths, Programming
Natalie Osborn: Cello
Kevin Robinson: Drums
Spinmeister: Synths
John Amelang: Bass


Last Dream I Remember

Last dream I remember I am flying over everything
Looking down I can see all the street lights flicker like old stars
I continue rising past the tops of the trees to the sky
I can not stop myself
There is nothing left to hold on to

I don’t know all Your plans
But I will try to understand
Even when I disagree
They are always better than mine would be

Last dream I remember I am walking through walls and ceilings
All I know is that I have to get back inside myself
Two feet above the ground I gently float to the bedroom
I lay onto my sleeping body
My eyes are opened

When I’m inside
That’s the moment I can’t hide
In the place where I’ll see
All that’s left, all of me
I must breakdown selfish “sacred” ground
All my secret walls inside
Reach inside of me

Help me
Help me
Help me
Help please


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