Wayside Drive is a United States indie group comprising singer and guitarist Jeremy Osborn; singer and bassist Natalie Osborn and drummer Kevin Robinson. Their sound draws on rock from every decade. They are based in Houston, Texas.

Their first full length studio album “The Red Room” was released in 2006. The band was featured on a tribute CD to Jandek titled “Down in a Mirror” along with such greats as Jeff Tweedy (founding member of the band Wilco), Eric Gaffney, and The Mountain Goats.

Words about us…

“The best hair in Houston music.”
– 29-95

“Wayside Drive. Now, I’ve seen this band’s name floating around for the past couple of years and in context it conjured ideas of a nu-emo/pop-punk, sound the types of which you would hear at joints like JavaJazz. Wow. Was I ever wrong. Wayside Drive make no bones about their affections for bands like Radiohead and The Cure (covering both in this night’s set!) and have no problems of making the most of their line-up’s abilities. Between the computer driven affects, the instrument switching (bass to cello!) and vocal swapping there is a whole heap of goodness to be found in this proudly alternative band. Fans of the aforementioned bands and any other darkly humored British acts would be quite pleased checking out Wayside Drive.”
– April5K, Free Press Houston

“Alternative rock is not dead, as Houston trio Wayside Drive proved with a set free of pretension and insincerity, a new twist on a familiar sound. Halfway through, the three members even switched instruments to give the audience a taste of something different, but the switch did nothing to lessen the band’s obvious musical chemistry. Natalie Osborn’s strong stage presence and even stronger vocal range dominated the set.”
– Brigitte B. Zabak, Houston Press

“Wayside Drive is a dynamic alt rock outfit with big songs and a bigger sound, combining David Bowie’s Hunky Dory/Ziggy Stardust era style vocals and glam rock attitude with U2′s arena riffs but without the androgynous outfits and Bono’s apparent need to save the world. Wayside Drive is also a powerful live experience”
– Mark Landrum, houstonbands.net

“Wayside Drive get their Velvet Underground on”
– Alex V. Cook, outsideleft.com